All sessions can be paid in several payments!

Gift vouchers are available, get in contact with me to work out the details

Pregnancy Session: •150€ •1 hour outdoors and/or in studio •expecting mother alone or with partner and children, •with beautiful dresses and/or classic style and/or hidden nude •15 edited photos delivered

Newborn Session: •During the first 2 weeks of the baby at best, up until 1 month •300€ •2 hours indoors/ in studio •20 edited photos delivered     •Includes family portraits with parents and siblings

Bundles: – Pregnancy + Newborn = 350€ instead of 450€ – Bump to Baby: 4 photoshoots throughout the first year of baby (pregnancy + newborn + sitter session + first birthday) = 650€ instead of 800€ All Sessions and Bundles are payable in several payments

Family Session: •For families no matter the number of parents and kids involved •200€, •between 1 and 2 hours outdoors and/or indoors, •20 edited photos delivered •can be at different locations: in your home, in studio, in parks…


Sitter Session: •For babies from ~6 months old who can sit up (almost) on their own with the supervision of a parent close-by up to ~1 year old •Possibility to have a theme if discussed beforehand (examples: birthday, a color, vintage, travel, jungle…) •200€, •1 hour photoshoot indoors and/or outdoors, •20 edited photos delivered

Mini Session: •80€ •30 mins outdoor • For adults or children’s portraits •10 edited pictures delivered